A Decade In Digital

We're a holding company of multiple assets diversified across the digital spectrum. 



Incorporated in 2009, we started off with humble web development projects, freelancing and the like. Soon discovering the effectiveness of digital marketing, we dove head first into affiliate marketing, SEO, software development, and courses.


Over time, we've evolved into a multi-project holding company that has multiple digital assets primarily in eCommerce and Online Education.

    What We Do    


We own and operate multiple eCommerce stores across verticals and geographies.


We've helped tens of thousands of aspiring entrepreneurs in India start their online business.


Having received over 100 Million views on our ads, we know a thing or two about leveraging social platforms.

Apart from our digital assets, we also place our investments in various instruments varying from low to medium risk. We aim for tangible and consistent growth.


If you need to contact us, send an email to support@markace.com - Please note, we do not reply to all queries.

All our projects and holdings have their own contact information available on their respective websites. Privacy Policies, Terms & Conditions, and other Disclaimers are also available on each respective project website.